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When Excessive Force By Law Enforcement Causes Injury And Violates Rights

Police brutality is not just frightening and outrageous to those affected by it. It is also an affront to a perception of safety for all of us. Anyone could be the target of excessive force by law enforcement agents, but news reports often show people in marginalized groups at the receiving end. The results may include serious injuries, including fatal ones leading to wrongful death claims.

Emotional distress and the loss of one’s dignity are real for those harmed by violent actions by the police. Many people develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after suffering brutal attacks. They may miss work, require therapy and have a hard time getting back to a normal life after suffering a beating by police officers.

At Ellwanger Henderson, we stand up for civil rights and justice for all. Our lawyers offer free consultations and customized case strategies for the sake of people who have been targeted by police brutality.

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Our attorneys bring their passion for the pursuit of justice to the table for each person who has suffered injustices from police, jail or prison guards, or any public authority.

On the national stage, our partner, David Henderson, responds to frequent requests from public news media outlets for commentary on high-profile police brutality cases, such as the Derek Chauvin trial after the murder of George Floyd.

At Ellwanger Henderson, we consider each client’s case to have as much importance as a case in the national spotlight does.

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When we review the facts of your case, we will consider all possibilities, such as helping you file a lawsuit over the loss of your rights when you were the target of police brutality.

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