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Ellwanger Law Speaks Up for the LGBTQ Community

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2018 | Civil Rights, Why I fight for Justice

Ellwanger Law Speaks Up for the LGBTQ Community

Discrimination comes in many forms, even sometimes from our community leaders. U.S. Pastor Council, a Houston based nonprofit who represents thousands of churches, filed a lawsuit against the City of Austin over the city’s employment anti-discrimination ordinance. The council believes churches should be exempt from the city’s anti-discrimination laws and have the option not to hire homosexuals and transgendered people or ordain women.

“If the plaintiffs prevail in this suit, it would undermine the ability of Austin or any other similar city to pass an ordinance saying in this city we don’t accept sexual orientation or gender identity discrimination,” said Holt Lackey, a partner at Ellwanger Law LLLP.

At Ellwanger Law, we believe discrimination based on sexual orientation or identity is wrong and should not be tolerated in any instance, including within religious organizations. We will continue to fight for justice for those who belong to the LGBTQ community that have been discriminated against and historically disenfranchised.