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Fighting For Justice

Advocates. Allies. Attorneys.

At Ellwanger Henderson, we fervently believe in using the law to protect our clients’ rights. Whether handling a case involving workplace discrimination, unfair labor practices or civil rights, our attorneys serve as steadfast allies in the quest for justice.

There is no length we will not go to when advocating for you, whether it’s negotiating a private resolution to your troubles or representing you in litigation. With office locations in Austin and Dallas, we serve clients throughout the United States.

Serving clients means so much more to us than simply recovering financial compensation, though we certainly have the skill to do this. Our passion lies in defending the civil liberties to which all Americans are entitled. In us, you will find compassion, knowledge and guidance as we help you stand up for what you deserve.

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Though it can feel daunting to tackle an employment law or civil rights matter, you do not have to go it alone. Our lawyers are here to fight for you. Reach out to us at one of our convenient office locations to schedule an initial consultation with one of our staff members. To contact us, call 737-808-2260 or send us an email.